Heaven - Its Hope

Heaven - Its Hope

Dwight Moody - Oxigênio


A great many persons; imagine that anything said about heaven is only a matter of speculation. Now there would not have been so much in Scripture on this subject if God had wanted to leave the human race in darkness about it, All Scripture, we are told, is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works. What the Bible says about heaven, is just as true as what it says about everything else. It is inspired. What we are taught about heaven could not have come to us in any other way but by inspiration. No one knew anything about it but God, and so if we want to find out anything about it, we have to turn to His Word. This book will help you understand more about heaven and God''s plan for your life.

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